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To draw attention to certain health problems, we organize actions throughout the year. We also participate in the ADAM project and offer the VetPlan.

Dental month


ADAM Project

With the ADAM scheme (Amsterdam Animal Assistance to Minima) you can apply for a voucher that allows you to take your sick pet to a veterinarian for a consultation once a year at the expense of the municipality. Does your pet need treatment after the visit? The municipality will then reimburse part of the costs.


VetPlan® is a preventive care subscription offered by the IJburglaan Veterinary Clinic.We offer the VetPlan® for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and ferrets.


For a fixed amount per month you receive a fixed package of products and services. VetPlan® is not insurance and therefore does not provide coverage if your pet suddenly becomes ill. Do you never want to be faced with unforeseen costs? Then, in addition to VetPlan®, you need pet insurance.

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