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In this Privacy Statement we inform you how IJburglaan Veterinary Clinic handles your personal data.


Third party information
Certain references in this website lead to information sources that are maintained by third parties and over which IJburglaan Veterinary Clinic has no control. This Privacy Statement therefore does not apply to references to third-party information sources.


Actively provided information

At various places on this website you may be asked to provide personal information, such as name and address, for a specific purpose, such as registering online, requesting information or leaving a message. It is always stated for what purpose this data will be used. Your information will not be provided to third parties without your permission.


Passively provided information

When you surf the Internet, perhaps without you being aware of it, you enable Internet page administrators to collect certain information about you. Examples of this are the 'IP number' of your computer and the operating system and internet browser you use. To the extent that IJburglaan Veterinary Clinic uses such data, it is processed anonymously and in aggregated form.


Why do we need your data?

In short, for the identification of you and your pets, documentation of our actions, registration of medications issued and communication with you.

To create a customer card, we need some information from you. With the customer card we can keep track of which services we have provided to you and which products you have purchased from us. With this information we can communicate with you by post, telephone or e-mail.


We add the patient card of your pets to this customer card. On this card we keep track of your pet's medical information and keep track of which medication or product has been prescribed.

We also need to keep track of your financial history. The latter also because laws and regulations require us to keep this data.


What information do we ask from you?

To create a customer card, we ask for: Name, address, zip code and place of residence, telephone number(s) where we can reach you and your  E-mail address. If, after consultation, you do not pay immediately, you can receive an invoice from us, we will then ask for your date of birth. The company IM Nederland processes invoices that are not immediately paid on our behalf. YOUR data will be provided to IM Nederland so that IM Nederland can carry out its work.


We ask your pet:

Name, animal species, breed, gender, date of birth, chip number (if present), body weight, color, coat type and whether pet insurance (policy number) has been taken out.


Do you have to provide this information?

There is no obligation to do so, but then we cannot help you. This is, for example, because we are required by other laws and regulations (pharmacy management, opiate registration, etc.) to keep records of who we write to.

By providing the above information, you expressly give permission to the IJburglaan Veterinary Clinic to process and store this information.


What do we do with your data?

These are stored in our practice management software Idexx-Animana. They will only be used for the purpose for which you issued them. Customer data is not deleted when invoices have been created on your customer card. It is possible to anonymize your data at your request. If no invoice has yet been created on your customer card, your data may be deleted if you have been inactive for more than 7 years.


Do we share your data with other parties?

 Yes, we work with a number of parties:

Our practice software in which we administer patient and client data is a cloud-based program from the company Idexx-Animana. On our behalf, they process and store your data exclusively for the purpose for which it was entrusted to them. They do use the data offered in anonymized form for analysis and statistical purposes.

Your name and address and animal data are used by processing partners such as external laboratories, human pharmacy and pharmaceutical companies, if we have to request medication specifically for your animal. This in consultation and with your permission.

If we refer your pet to a veterinary specialist, we may forward your customer details and patient details to them. This also only at your express request.

Your pet's health insurer (if you have insured your pet) also has the right to inspect your pet's data for the purposes of fraud prevention.

When you take out a Pet Care Plan, we share your data with Premier Vet Alliance, who process your data to be able to invoice you for the costs of the Pet Care Plan on a monthly basis.

When you place an ID chip on your pet at your request, we register the chip with the Backhomeclub database. You will then receive an email in which you must confirm this registration yourself, so you determine which data is visible.

If applicable, we have concluded a processing agreement with all parties involved. This means that they also declare that they work in accordance with the new GDPR guidelines.


Is your data safe?

We ensure the security of your data in various ways: Communication with the server on which our software runs via a secure connection, IP controlled and only accessible with passwords.


It remains your data! You have the right to inspect your data at all times and the option to have your data deleted or forwarded to another party (data probability). After identity verification, we will determine with you which data is involved and what must and can be done with it.

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